January Meal Plan

This morning I posted on FB about doing a whole month worth of meal plans…and was surprised at how many people wanted to see it! I’ve never done this much at one time but I figured it wouldn’t take me that much longer to do a whole month vs. a week or two.

Here is what I think about when I plan our meals:

  • Our family favorites
  • A good assortment of chicken/beef
  • Easy meals
  • One Crock-pot meal a week (this is a goal but doesn’t always happen)
  • Making meals in mass quantity to freeze – spaghetti sauce, and chili both make huge batches so I free the extra. When I make lasagna and meatloaf I always make two so we eat one and freeze one.
  • It’s a guideline – you don’t have to do each meal on the specific day! If you buy all the ingredients you can switch it up based on what sounds good!
  • I meal plan, then shop for the ingredients for two weeks at a time (you may want to buy produce weekly though)


Click on the image to be linked to the Google Doc

I have included links to the recipes that are already online and will try to document/post the recipes for our other favorites in the next few months.

Printing Tips:

  • Check the box that says “no grid lines”
  • Layout – select “fit to width” and “landscape”

I color coded the calendar which is mostly for me but maybe it may help you as well!
Let me know if there is any additional info you want to know!

Happy cooking!

Princess Lace Up Cards

Long time no blog! I’ve been super busy adjusting to life with two kids while trying to keep my house clean, and have food on the table at dinner time! I’m still crafting it just seems like I don’t have time to take pictures and post the projects!

Taylin has basically stopped taking naps, but for my sanity I still make her do quiet time everyday. This allows me roughly an hour to myself while the kids are both in bed.

The other day I decided I wanted to make a “quiet box” that is filled with toys/activities that she can play with during quiet time. I started looking through Pinterest and found a few fun ideas. This was the first thing I made for her quiet box.

IMG_3266 copyI found this great printable from Yellow Mums Blog and went straight to work. The instructions said to print these on card stock…I didn’t have any so I printed them on normal paper, glued them to construction paper then “laminated” then with clear contact paper. After they were done I punched the holes and cut some string. Taylin loves them!

They are a fun variation on paper dolls and will keep her occupied during quiet time! They would also be great for an airplane ride or long car ride!

Do you have any suggestions for quiet time activities?



Kum Ba Yah My Lord….Kum Ba Yah {Printable}

Last weekend we went camping with some really great friends. This is our second annual Ross/Arceo camping trip. We went to Alta Lake State Park for the first time and absolutely LOVED it!! The weather was beautiful, the park was clean, the sites were great, and the lake was warm! They have  great little beach area for the kids to play and even have some swings. We had a blast and wished we could have stayed for a couple more days!

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Ever year that I go camping I say that I’m going to make a camping checklist so this year I did it and thought I’d share it with you!


Click the link below for a printable PDF Camping Checklist!
Camping List 2011

So tell me, what are your favorite things to take camping – something that might be out of the ordinary??