Bryson’s Rustic Nursery

Bryson’s nursery is complete…well mostly!! I decided since I’m getting close to my due date I wanted to post some finished picts of the nursery. There are a couple of small details that still aren’t done but it’s close enough. We are still waiting for the log to dry out for the end table so in the mean time we are using an extra TV tray that I had. Also Tom still needs to put up the blinds in his room…other then that we are pretty much good to go!

Overall I love how it came together…I know I’ll tweak a few things here and there but for now it’s ready to go! I just need the little man to make an appearance so we can really enjoy the room!

Nursery Decor Details

The Nursery is coming together and I thought it would be fun to share some of the decor that I’ve got going on in his room. I’ve share a few things along the way but I’ve also completed a few other projects over the weekend that I wanted to share.

Chevron Pillow – This was made with the fabric I got in Portland last week. I didn’t do a tutorial for this but here is a great one I found online if you want instructions to make an envelope pillow case.

Fabric Pennant – Here is a great tutorial for making your own pennants!

Horse Pictures – I shared how I made these here

“B” for Bryson – not much to share here – I got the inspiration for this off Pinterest as well!  I’m thinking I’d like to add chicken wire to the back of the frame – like this

Faux Sheepskin Rug – here is the tutorial

I feel like everything is coming together really well. Once the weather get’s nicer I’ll be able to paint the dresser. We are also in the process of drying out a log round to use as an end table by the gilder!


Rustic Paint Stick Light

I’ve been plugging away at all the little projects to make Bryson’s room come together. Today I’m going to share the light I made for his room out of paint sticks. I saw this idea in Pinterest and knew it would work perfect in his room!

While we were at Home Depot picking everything up for the bathroom remodel I asked the paint counter if they sold bulk paint sticks. They told me no, but I could help myself to free paint sticks. I proceeded to explain that I wanted about 50 paint sticks for a project…I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy but they were happy to give me all those paint sticks.

Next up I needed a lamp shade to use as the form for my paint sticks – I ran to Goodwill and found one that was the right size but was ugly camouflage! I put two quick coats of spray paint on so that it would blend in better (I forgot to take picts of this part of the process…fail!!)


  • Lamp Shade
  • 40-50 paint sticks – depending on your lamp shade size…you’ll just have to estimate
  • Stain – I used Minawax Jacobean
  • Tons of hot glue

I stained one paint stick to see if I the color was what I wanted. I started my first paint stick on the seam of the shade to make sure it was covered up.Then just keep gluing them all on. This probably took me 15-20 minutes.

The finished shade – now it was time to stain it.

Make sure you do the staining outside…it has a really strong smell. I just painted it on and the wiped it off with a rag.

Here is the finished product!! It turned our really well and was a super cheap project. It probably cost me about $6-$8. We did have to buy a kit to hang the light, which my husband wired in. That was an additional $15 but you may not need that if you are just making a lamp shade or if you can modify the current light to fit the new shade.

Nursery Art – DIY Photo Canvas

I’ve been trying to come up with something to put on one of the walls in Bryson’s nursery and as I was cleaning out some excess home decor I came across two canvas paintings I use to have hanging in my living room. I almost gave them to Goodwill and then it hit me…I could turn them into a photo canvas!

So the other day I edited a couple of pictures I had taken while we were in Colorado for Christmas. Once I was done editing them I had them printed off at Costco (8.99 a piece). I spray painted the outer rim of the canvas black, then cut the picture to fit the canvas and mounted it with Mod Podge.

I’d say they turned out pretty well and you could do the same thing with a canvas from Michael’s and a family picture or a favorite picture of your kids.

Not to bad for $18.00!!!


Faux Sheepskin Rug {Tutorial}

So I really wanted a faux sheepskin rug for Bryson’s room but when I started looking around for them they were pretty expensive or really small. Ikea has a couple real sheepskin rugs for pretty inexpensive but they aren’t very big.

My friend told me about the Fabric Depot website. She had ordered Mongolian Fur from them and she said it was really soft and a nice quality. I ordered 1 1/4 yards from them. It was on sale plus I found a coupon code I could use for 20% off!! I spent a total of $37.25 for a decent sized piece of fur.

I knew once I got it I wanted to cut the piece into an animal shape but it took me a couple of weeks to actually do it! I was so nervous that I would ruin it!
Here is what it looked like when I received the fabric

The first thing I did was draw the shape I wanted with a sharpie

After I cut out the rug I used Fray Check around the edges to help stop it from fraying.

After letting the Fray Check dry for about 20 minutes I flipped the rug over and here is my finished product!!

I must say that I love how it turned out and it’s fun to think I made it myself!

21 Weeks, Nursery Inspiration And Progress

Well this week I hit 21 weeks – I can’t believe that I’m already past the half way point! It’s crazy how time flies! Bryson is a very active baby – he seems to be moving around and kicking all day and all night – he even wakes me up sometimes in the middle of the night with all the kicking!

We had snow this weekend in Seattle so I decided an outside picture was appropriate! We don’t get snow very often and having grown up in N. Idaho I really miss it so when we do get it I get really excited!!

This week I started working on the nursery – I’ve been working on de-cluttering but this weekend I was able to get the nursery started by painting and sewing the crib skirt.

I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I had found my inspiration for Bryson’s room. I showed Tom the pictures and he was sold!

Picture from Bower Power Blog

This weekend I got started by making the crib skirt

The crib skirt is blue, cream and has a small pinstripe of orange. The project was pretty simple but a little time consuming to cut all the pieces out.

I painted the room a blue with gray undertones it turned out a little bluer then I wanted but it still looks good!

The next step is going to be having Tom do the pallet wood accent wall but that may not happen for a couple months. It’s definitely an outside project since we will have to tear the pallets apart, stain the wood then cut them all to fit…considering that our weather is in the 30’s right now we will have to wait until it warms up a little! For now I will keep working on finding a dresser and figuring out art/wall decor!