Faux Sheepskin Rug {Tutorial}

So I really wanted a faux sheepskin rug for Bryson’s room but when I started looking around for them they were pretty expensive or really small. Ikea has a couple real sheepskin rugs for pretty inexpensive but they aren’t very big.

My friend told me about the Fabric Depot website. She had ordered Mongolian Fur from them and she said it was really soft and a nice quality. I ordered 1 1/4 yards from them. It was on sale plus I found a coupon code I could use for 20% off!! I spent a total of $37.25 for a decent sized piece of fur.

I knew once I got it I wanted to cut the piece into an animal shape but it took me a couple of weeks to actually do it! I was so nervous that I would ruin it!
Here is what it looked like when I received the fabric

The first thing I did was draw the shape I wanted with a sharpie

After I cut out the rug I used Fray Check around the edges to help stop it from fraying.

After letting the Fray Check dry for about 20 minutes I flipped the rug over and here is my finished product!!

I must say that I love how it turned out and it’s fun to think I made it myself!

3 thoughts on “Faux Sheepskin Rug {Tutorial}

  1. this is such a neat idea! I’ve been contemplating about getting my baby’s room something like this, but I may just make it myself after seeing this post. Thanks!

    1. It wasn’t hard to make at all and it’s been in his room for a week or so and it doesn’t seem to be shedding. I also put a no slip carpet pad under it to help it from moving around. Good luck! Happy crafting!!

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