21 Weeks, Nursery Inspiration And Progress

Well this week I hit 21 weeks – I can’t believe that I’m already past the half way point! It’s crazy how time flies! Bryson is a very active baby – he seems to be moving around and kicking all day and all night – he even wakes me up sometimes in the middle of the night with all the kicking!

We had snow this weekend in Seattle so I decided an outside picture was appropriate! We don’t get snow very often and having grown up in N. Idaho I really miss it so when we do get it I get really excited!!

This week I started working on the nursery – I’ve been working on de-cluttering but this weekend I was able to get the nursery started by painting and sewing the crib skirt.

I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I had found my inspiration for Bryson’s room. I showed Tom the pictures and he was sold!

Picture from Bower Power Blog

This weekend I got started by making the crib skirt

The crib skirt is blue, cream and has a small pinstripe of orange. The project was pretty simple but a little time consuming to cut all the pieces out.

I painted the room a blue with gray undertones it turned out a little bluer then I wanted but it still looks good!

The next step is going to be having Tom do the pallet wood accent wall but that may not happen for a couple months. It’s definitely an outside project since we will have to tear the pallets apart, stain the wood then cut them all to fit…considering that our weather is in the 30’s right now we will have to wait until it warms up a little! For now I will keep working on finding a dresser and figuring out art/wall decor!

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