Taylin’s 5th Birthday – A Rainbow Water Party!

My daughter requested a “rainbow, water party” this year. Her birthday is in August so we normally try do something in the back yard with family and maybe a couple of friends. I love doing fun parties for my kids but often I feel pressure…pressure to make it “Pinterest Perfect”, pressure to invite all her friends, pressure to get the perfect gift…these are the pressures of our culture. I don’t want to get wrapped up in all of that. So here are the pictures from our simple “rainbow water party”!

Water equaled our kid pool, and a slip and slide.

The rainbow part equaled some dollar store decorations, skittles & a very cool rainbow cake I made!

Just wanted to mention most of these pictures were taken by my step brother Phil. He has a knack for photography and blessed us with some great shots! Thanks Phil!

TBP-61TBP-30And now for the cake…it turned out WAY better then I expected and the kids thought it was SOO cool!! TBP-29TBP-62IMG_6566_edited-1Taylin really wanted an American Girl doll. I got one on sale almost a year before her birthday. She was in heaven! My good friend got her and the doll matching dresses!

Now to share a few pictures of her cousins and friends! The kids had a blast and I didn’t kill myself making this party happen! I would call this simple party a WIN!

TBP-59 TBP-51 TBP-34 TBP-24 TBP-20 TBP-9 IMG_6528_edited-1 SERIOUSLY!?!? The emotions in this picture are amazing! These two are Taylin’s cousins…they are all gonna be something else when they are teenagers!! IMG_6519_edited-1 IMG_6531_edited-1Somehow I didn’t end up in a single picture…I usually try to get a picture with the birthday girl or boy…fail! Oh well! Fun times were had and my daughter had a successful 5th birthday!

Bryson’s First Birthday

So I’m a little late (his birthday was in MAY!!!) but I just found a post about my son’s first birthday sitting in my drafts! Not sure how I never published it but I figured I would share the pictures anyways!

I really enjoy putting on birthday parties for my kids but I can’t justify a large budget…it’s just a party after all. Over the years I have tried to come up with cost effective decor and I think I accomplished that with Bry’s first birthday! IMG_5084_edited-1I sewed a scrap fabric banner to hang in the living room and I made the number 1 out of cardboard that I painted with some acrylic paint I had on hand. IMG_5080_edited-1

These decorative balls were made out of construction paper. They were super easy and a cheap way to add a pop of color to the party! IMG_5144_edited-1

I made a giant cupcake for Bry which I also did for my daughters first birthday.IMG_5127_edited-1I added a cute bunting on top instead of a candle.IMG_5198_edited-1 IMG_5202_edited-1 IMG_5212_edited-1

12-12 monthsIt was a simple and fun party to celebrate this sweet boy! I can’t believe how fast time goes! I guess I better start planning his 2nd birthday!

A Very Magical Princess Tea Party

My sweet Taylin turned 3 last week and I had so much fun planning her birthday party. She is really into princesses and dress up so I planned a Princess Tea Party in our back yard. Taylin’s favorite color right now is purple so I decided to do everything in purple, yellow and white. For the food I did a pretty simple menu but made the food look really pretty.

  • tea sandwiches – Ham and Cheese, and cream cheese with jelly cut with cookie cutters into hearts and stars
  • Sub Sandwiches for the adults
  • Fruit Kabobs – the fruit was also cut into fun shapes
  • Cheese kabobs
  • Baby carrots and celery in ranch dip

For the drinks I went to the Business Costco and got individual sized Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider, and an assortment of lemonade.

When the girls arrived I had a table where they could decorate a tiara – we had jewels and glitter stickers (from Dollar Tree) to decorate with.

We had a dress up station for them.  I had necklaces and bracelets for the girls to play with. I think Tay changed changed 3 different times!

After we ate and let the kids run and play a bit we had story time with princess Amy! One of my good friends dressed up in her wedding dress to be a princess for Tay’s party! The girls loved it!

After story time and presents we did cake. My step mom loves to make cakes so she made Taylin’s beautiful cake.

After cake we did the pinata – I made a pull string pinata but it didn’t really work so we let the girls hit the pinata!

Towards the end of the party we had some special visitors. My friend decided to crash Taylin’s girls only party and dressed her two boys up as Princes!! So stinkin cute!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Tay’s party and made it so special! A couple more of my favorite pictures from the day!!