Taylin’s Bedroom…Time For An Update!

I’ve had an itch to do some decorating around my house! The other day I decided to deep clean my daughters room and ended up rearranging. I would love to totally redo her whole room but right now we just don’t have the budget to do that. So basically I’ve decided I need to add a little pop of color to her space. It’s currently purple and gray with a few other random things. She has a few pillows that have pinks and teals in them so I’m going to take from that and try to do a little update to her room!

Here is my inspiration board for the updates to her room!
Tay's Room Update_edited-3Photo Credit {1. Here, 2. Here, 3. Here, 4. Here}

The first thing I want to do is some sort of small collage of frames or possibly pictures. I’m not exactly sure but I love this one from Shanty Insanity! Check out her blog…her house is absolutely adorable! I’m sure you will find inspiration for lots of projects!

The second project is going to be painting the back of Tay’s books shelf. This is a big trend right now and a simple way to add color to a space! I’ve seen this on Young House Love and this small shelf on my board is from Welcome To Heardmont. We were given a small very simple bookshelf from some friends. It’s not fancy but it was free and it does the job! So I think it will pop a little more if I paint the back. Lucky for me I already have paint in the right color!

The next thing I’m thinking about is a canopy. This one from How Does She looks super easy to make. It’s made with curtains, ribbon and a huge embroidery hoop. I’ve got some extra white curtains so I’m going to see if I can make something similar out of them!

The final project I’m planning to make is this super fun heart wall art. This is from Honeybee Vintage and is a pretty simple project. I love it because it makes a big statement but is still very simple and inexpensive.

This is her room currently…we will see how it all comes together! The top half looks light purple but it’s actually a gray…I promise 🙂
IMG_9254 IMG_9256

Taylin’s 5th Birthday – A Rainbow Water Party!

My daughter requested a “rainbow, water party” this year. Her birthday is in August so we normally try do something in the back yard with family and maybe a couple of friends. I love doing fun parties for my kids but often I feel pressure…pressure to make it “Pinterest Perfect”, pressure to invite all her friends, pressure to get the perfect gift…these are the pressures of our culture. I don’t want to get wrapped up in all of that. So here are the pictures from our simple “rainbow water party”!

Water equaled our kid pool, and a slip and slide.

The rainbow part equaled some dollar store decorations, skittles & a very cool rainbow cake I made!

Just wanted to mention most of these pictures were taken by my step brother Phil. He has a knack for photography and blessed us with some great shots! Thanks Phil!

TBP-61TBP-30And now for the cake…it turned out WAY better then I expected and the kids thought it was SOO cool!! TBP-29TBP-62IMG_6566_edited-1Taylin really wanted an American Girl doll. I got one on sale almost a year before her birthday. She was in heaven! My good friend got her and the doll matching dresses!

Now to share a few pictures of her cousins and friends! The kids had a blast and I didn’t kill myself making this party happen! I would call this simple party a WIN!

TBP-59 TBP-51 TBP-34 TBP-24 TBP-20 TBP-9 IMG_6528_edited-1 SERIOUSLY!?!? The emotions in this picture are amazing! These two are Taylin’s cousins…they are all gonna be something else when they are teenagers!! IMG_6519_edited-1 IMG_6531_edited-1Somehow I didn’t end up in a single picture…I usually try to get a picture with the birthday girl or boy…fail! Oh well! Fun times were had and my daughter had a successful 5th birthday!