Taylin’s 5th Birthday – A Rainbow Water Party!

My daughter requested a “rainbow, water party” this year. Her birthday is in August so we normally try do something in the back yard with family and maybe a couple of friends. I love doing fun parties for my kids but often I feel pressure…pressure to make it “Pinterest Perfect”, pressure to invite all her friends, pressure to get the perfect gift…these are the pressures of our culture. I don’t want to get wrapped up in all of that. So here are the pictures from our simple “rainbow water party”!

Water equaled our kid pool, and a slip and slide.

The rainbow part equaled some dollar store decorations, skittles & a very cool rainbow cake I made!

Just wanted to mention most of these pictures were taken by my step brother Phil. He has a knack for photography and blessed us with some great shots! Thanks Phil!

TBP-61TBP-30And now for the cake…it turned out WAY better then I expected and the kids thought it was SOO cool!! TBP-29TBP-62IMG_6566_edited-1Taylin really wanted an American Girl doll. I got one on sale almost a year before her birthday. She was in heaven! My good friend got her and the doll matching dresses!

Now to share a few pictures of her cousins and friends! The kids had a blast and I didn’t kill myself making this party happen! I would call this simple party a WIN!

TBP-59 TBP-51 TBP-34 TBP-24 TBP-20 TBP-9 IMG_6528_edited-1 SERIOUSLY!?!? The emotions in this picture are amazing! These two are Taylin’s cousins…they are all gonna be something else when they are teenagers!! IMG_6519_edited-1 IMG_6531_edited-1Somehow I didn’t end up in a single picture…I usually try to get a picture with the birthday girl or boy…fail! Oh well! Fun times were had and my daughter had a successful 5th birthday!

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