A Very Magical Princess Tea Party

My sweet Taylin turned 3 last week and I had so much fun planning her birthday party. She is really into princesses and dress up so I planned a Princess Tea Party in our back yard. Taylin’s favorite color right now is purple so I decided to do everything in purple, yellow and white. For the food I did a pretty simple menu but made the food look really pretty.

  • tea sandwiches – Ham and Cheese, and cream cheese with jelly cut with cookie cutters into hearts and stars
  • Sub Sandwiches for the adults
  • Fruit Kabobs – the fruit was also cut into fun shapes
  • Cheese kabobs
  • Baby carrots and celery in ranch dip

For the drinks I went to the Business Costco and got individual sized Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider, and an assortment of lemonade.

When the girls arrived I had a table where they could decorate a tiara – we had jewels and glitter stickers (from Dollar Tree) to decorate with.

We had a dress up station for them.  I had necklaces and bracelets for the girls to play with. I think Tay changed changed 3 different times!

After we ate and let the kids run and play a bit we had story time with princess Amy! One of my good friends dressed up in her wedding dress to be a princess for Tay’s party! The girls loved it!

After story time and presents we did cake. My step mom loves to make cakes so she made Taylin’s beautiful cake.

After cake we did the pinata – I made a pull string pinata but it didn’t really work so we let the girls hit the pinata!

Towards the end of the party we had some special visitors. My friend decided to crash Taylin’s girls only party and dressed her two boys up as Princes!! So stinkin cute!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Tay’s party and made it so special! A couple more of my favorite pictures from the day!!

2 thoughts on “A Very Magical Princess Tea Party

  1. This was spectacular! What a great Mom you are! Tay will never forget this party. She is such a special little girl and growing fast. Love you and am so proud of you and the job you are doing with your family.
    Aunt Cheryl

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