New Shelf!

So another project has been finished at our house! Like i said in an earlier post I asked Tom to build me a shelf above my kitchen sink for my birthday. I love how it turned out and it really changes the feel of my kitchen. My grandma gave me a Home Depot gift card so I got a new light for the kitchen as well.
Here is a before shot
and here is what it looks like now!!!

In reality we would love to gut the whole kitchen and start over but that’s not a reality for a long time.  So for now I’m really enjoying my new shelf! I feel like it ties everything together and the new light really brightens up the kitchen and makes it feel bigger! Thanks babe for the awesome b-day gift!!
Another thing we need to tackle…the awful tile!!

Garden & “Flower Bed” Progress

A little background on the house…when we moved in the house had been unoccupied for around 7 months so the yard was a little overgrown. Whenever there is a nice weekend we are working in the yard and plugging away at it…often it feels like we haven’t done much so I have found that it’s nice to take pictures along the way. It’s a great reminder of where you came from and I feel like it helps me to keep going!

Today we continued to work on the “flower beds” under the tree..I don’t know if they are really supposed to be flower beds but i’m not sure what else they would be. The problem with the location of the flower beds is that we really can’t plant anything in them. They get so many pine needles from the trees and not a lot of light so we have decided not to plant anything there. The main thing that will grow there are weeds!!

Here is what it looked like last summer

Last summer we hired our friend Matt from church who helped us get it to this stage

But a lot of it grew back. One of my co-workers mentioned putting down newspaper, then mulch would help with the weeds. So today we finished weeding (AGAIN!!) the bases of the trees, after we were done weeding we sprayed some Round Up, then we laid down newspaper, weed barrier cloth, then a thick layer of much!! I know it’ a lot of layers but are trying really hard to keep those suckers away!!

So here is what it looks like today…it will be interesting to see if it works!

Now onto the garden. When we moved in we had talked about having a garden. Last year we didn’t have time to prep the area so we did a garden in pots. I highly recommend it if you live in a condo or a house with a small yard grow some herbs or a few veggies! It was great and Taylin really enjoyed helping me harvest our crop.

We knew we wanted to have our garden in a specific corner of our back yard but it was going to be a lot of work to get it ready. When we were first doing yard work Tom decided to make a pile of all the yard waste that we would “take to the dump later” well that didn’t happen for quite some time and the pile grew back into the grass and started sprouting new things.

Its ok now because Tom built me two awesome planters and has helped me tear out all the grass to get the area ready for our garden. Today was fun because we were able to get some of our wood chips down around the boxes today. It’s starting to feel like it’s all coming together!

This year I’m growing lettuce, zucchini’s, strawberries, cantaloupe,  pumpkins, green onions, basil, cilantro, and cucumbers. We will see how everything does this year…hopefully better then last year!

We are almost done with the garden a couple more things we still need to do is dig out the rest of the grass 😦 and build a small fence around it… still the progress is great and super encouraging!!

Hmm…my priorities are changing!

I want to start out by saying I know I’m not old but it’s funny to see how my priorities have changed over the years…last night my step mom emailed me and asked me what I wanted to for birthday. Here is the list I gave her:

It’s just funny to see how my priorities have changed so much. It’s not that I don’t still like going shopping for new clothes or getting a pedicure it’s just so fun right now to work on our house! I’m having so much fun turning our house into what we want it to be!! Here is a sneak peek of what I wanted for my birthday from Tom.

Yes it’s a board, some trim, and some Liquid Nails…I asked him to build me a shelf above my kitchen sink!! Hopefully it will add a nice little touch to our very old Kitchen! More pictures to come once the shelf is completed…Tom also got me a ceiling fan for our bedroom!!  Life is so exciting these day!! Here is a picture I found online of a similar shelf to give you an idea of what my shelf will hopefully look like (but scaled down a bit more to match our current kitchen).

Taylin’s Room Makeover

About a month or two ago I decided I wanted to redo my daughters room. When we moved into our house we painted her room very neutral colors and they went with her nursery bedding but now that she is a little girl and not a baby and I decided her room needed to be up updated!

I decided I wanted to do a purple/grey/white theme

Here are the before/after pictures from the project!

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I made the duvet cover from an Ikea curtain. I still plan to get her a new solid wood dresser and repaint her bed but I’m waiting for the dry weather to come before I do it. Taylin LOVES her purple room. Even a month or two later she is still talking about how I painted it for her!