New Shelf!

So another project has been finished at our house! Like i said in an earlier post I asked Tom to build me a shelf above my kitchen sink for my birthday. I love how it turned out and it really changes the feel of my kitchen. My grandma gave me a Home Depot gift card so I got a new light for the kitchen as well.
Here is a before shot
and here is what it looks like now!!!

In reality we would love to gut the whole kitchen and start over but that’s not a reality for a long time.  So for now I’m really enjoying my new shelf! I feel like it ties everything together and the new light really brightens up the kitchen and makes it feel bigger! Thanks babe for the awesome b-day gift!!
Another thing we need to tackle…the awful tile!!

One thought on “New Shelf!

  1. The shelf looks awesome. It really enhances the whole kitchen. Congratulations on being so creative.

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