Hmm…my priorities are changing!

I want to start out by saying I know I’m not old but it’s funny to see how my priorities have changed over the years…last night my step mom emailed me and asked me what I wanted to for birthday. Here is the list I gave her:

It’s just funny to see how my priorities have changed so much. It’s not that I don’t still like going shopping for new clothes or getting a pedicure it’s just so fun right now to work on our house! I’m having so much fun turning our house into what we want it to be!! Here is a sneak peek of what I wanted for my birthday from Tom.

Yes it’s a board, some trim, and some Liquid Nails…I asked him to build me a shelf above my kitchen sink!! Hopefully it will add a nice little touch to our very old Kitchen! More pictures to come once the shelf is completed…Tom also got me a ceiling fan for our bedroom!!  Life is so exciting these day!! Here is a picture I found online of a similar shelf to give you an idea of what my shelf will hopefully look like (but scaled down a bit more to match our current kitchen).

2 thoughts on “Hmm…my priorities are changing!

    1. I know right!! It’s so nice!! Someday…for now I’m just trying to figure how to make small improvments to what we have so I can enjoy it a little more. Last week I cleared all the extra junk that has collected on the counters…it seems WAY bigger now!! And there is more work space for when I’m cooking.

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