Habitat Restore

A couple of weeks ago I went to Habitat Restore and Earthwise with my friend Lisa.  Her and her husband are closing on first home in a couple of weeks and plan to update the house with only used items – she NEEDS to blog about this!! Anyways back to Habitat – I’ve been hearing a lot about Habitat Restore on different blogs so it was awesome to finally get to go.

The best way to describe these kind of stores is sort of a thrift store for home goods. They have salvage stuff, donated stuff, vintage stuff, and some new stuff at discounted prices. Here are a few pictures from Habitat Restore

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures – I forgot my camera!!

Ton and tons of doors, interior and exterior

Cabinets – all different sizes and colors

Cabinet doors – $5.00 – drawer fronts – $2.50!!

Ton’s of appliances – new and used – this was a brand new cook top for $250 originally $500

Check out this awesome vintage stove!! Only $150 and in perfect shape!!

A couple of tips – you need to know what you’re looking for and be prepared to dig. Bring a measuring tape…you’ll probably need it!

I got a new interior door and some basic white tiles for $0.10 a piece!! I’m  planning to make some of these for Christmas gifts.

Here are links to the stores in the Seattle area

Habitat Restore – Seattle
Earthwise Salvage– Seattle
Restore – Ballard

Happy Hunting!