Roatan Day 2

Today was a simple day. We attended rChurch then enjoyed a few hours of free time in the afternoon. In the evening we got to meet the families we are building for and have pizza with them. It was really great to meet them ahead of time and start building relationships now! I’m so excited to start the build tomorrow! Here are a few pictures from our day!

IMG_9553_edited-1IMG_9550_edited-1IMG_9540_edited-1There is a vender on the beach that walks around with these doughnuts. They were AMAZING!! If you ever get a chance to eat one, do it!  IMG_9570_edited-1

The beauty of the island is amazing…then you look around and there is extreme poverty. It can be hard to process at times. IMG_9555_edited-1Having pizza with the families. So fun to meet them now.

Tomorrow is day one of the build pray for safety and for all to go well!

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