Well…It’s been over two years since I’ve blogged. To be honest the whole blogging thing has always been a challenge for me. I’m not good at doing it regularly, writing isn’t my strong suit and I think I’ve felt a little intimidated by the “professional bloggers”.

IMG_1095So I’m hear to tell you I’m back but in a really simple capacity. To share recipes, maybe a little bit of life and whatever else my heart needs to share. My hope is to share gluten & diary free recipes, tips and tricks for living a GF/DF life, and maybe a little about life and family. I’m hoping to post one to two times a month. Even that will likely be a stretch for me.

So lets start with the beginning – Why am I gluten & diary free now? In November 2016 I decided to seek out a naturopath to address some longstanding health issues I had been struggling with. I had GI issues, cystic acne & migraines. At her recommendation she suggested I try going gluten and diary free. Within two to three weeks I saw a huge improvement in my health. I’ve tried re-introducing both items back into my diet a few times and it hasn’t worked. So I’ve dug into figuring out how to bake and cook really yummy food that is gluten & diary free.

Over the years a few people have asked me to share the recipes I use. The thing is, I tend to use “normal” recipes and tweak them to fit my needs. So here I sit. Ready to give this blogging thing a try again. It will be simple. I won’t be fancy,  but I hope it’s a place where people can find a few yummy recipes and some hope that life doesn’t completely suck when you have dietary restrictions.

I hope you’ll stick around for my less then official blog – maybe we can have a little fun together!

I want to leave you with this pretty photo…the current recipe I’m trying to figure out. A diary free cheesecake. I made this by following a Martha Stewart recipe and making a few tweaks. I need to make it again and tweak a few more things before I post the recipe here. But just look how pretty it is!!


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