That One Time God Provided All The Things…

Do you ever have things happen in life that are so obviously God?? When those things happen I can’t help but smile. We recently had a few of those experiences and I wanted to share. Towards the end of last year we found out some major changes were happening with our health insurance. Without going into all the details we found out that our premiums would be going up by about $500 per month. When you live on one income a hit like that will stop you dead in your tracks. I freaked…shed a bunch of tears and then slowly gave up on trying to fix it and decided to let God work it out. During this time I started looking for a job. I wasn’t exactly sure if that’s what God had for us but I figured doors would either open or close. I had been a stay at home mom for the last 4 years but I felt like I should at least try looking. I applied for several jobs and nothing came of them. Almost all of them were rejected by computerized systems. One day in December I got a call from one of the hospitals I had applied to. I went through several interviews and ended up accepting a per diem position. It was the perfect fit for our family.

The first couple months of the year were tight, but we had money in savings and we were grateful for that. We knew we would be getting our tax return so we thought we would be able to replenish our savings quickly. One day in February I noticed a couple discolored spots on the living room ceiling. Our contractor friend was coming over to bid a job for us so I asked him to take a look. He found multiple leaks. My heart sank. We had really wanted to replace all the windows in our house but this was obviously a higher priority (we live in the Seattle area….SO MUCH RAIN!!). Just hours before we found out we had an issue with the roof I filed our taxes. The return was more than we usually get so we were really excited. We made plans for that money but God had other plans.

IMG_8975After getting several bids we were able to get our roof completely replaced for almost the exact amount of our tax return!! And by a company that came with great reviews! Say WHAT??? God is so good! We were living on one income, and while our budget was/is tight we have never missed a bill. Through it all we continued to tithe, He provided the perfect job, and we were able to PAY CASH for a full new roof! So many details to work out and he did it. He was and is providing for us left and right!! No doubt about it!  So my point…it’s not always easy to trust God. We all have those moments where we think we can fix things…but it has been made clear to me time and time again that the better option is walking through life with God.

2 thoughts on “That One Time God Provided All The Things…

  1. Remember though, you didn’t actually pay the roofer in ACTUAL CASH. That’s a different kind of roofing company.

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