God’s Provision…What It Looks Like For Us

So Sunday at church our pastor Jason was talking about tithing and stepping out in faith that God will provide. He shared a story about getting an unexpected check in the mail in college that was the exact amount he needed (and didn’t have) for a bill. As I was thinking about how God has provided for us over the last few years I thought I needed to share. We have also received random checks in the mail but it’s so much more than that.

Roughly 3 years ago when I was pregnant and working full-time I started looking into daycare costs for both my kids. It was insane! When we did the math I would have been working full-time to keep our benefits and make roughly $400 per month. For some people that is ok, but for us it wasn’t. We decided that I would quit and stay home with my kids. But that was a scary decision to make. I made almost 50% of our income and held the benefits for our whole family (very good benefits I might add!!). Before I quit I had a random lady that I didn’t know ask me if I wanted some boy clothes. She gave me 6 black garbage bags full of clothes 0-2T!! After my maternity leave was over I quit my job; it wasn’t an easy transition for Taylin and I but it was the right decision. Over the years we have had many random blessings come our way.

I have gone grocery shopping to find that nearly every item on my grocery list was on sale…God Stretching our budget. Pretty sure Fred Meyer didn’t know what I needed that week!

Many hand me down clothes and shoes for both Taylin and Bryson. We have bought almost no clothing for either of my kids in the last 2 years!!

Random side jobs at Christmas for both Tom and I

Random checks in the mail – we just got one last month!

A free tire for our car when it was leaking and couldn’t be fixed – Discount Tire rocks!!

Currently I’ve been provided with opportunities to work. Work that I can bring Bryson to. While I’m technically a stay at home mom I also clean 2 houses, nanny for a friend and substitute at the preschool at our church. Often Gods provision is opportunity. I could have easily said no to all those money making opportunities but I haven’t. With me doing side jobs we can put a little money in savings, we can go on a vacation. We can get a random cup of coffee at Starbucks. It just adds a little margin to our budget.

Trusting God isn’t always easy, it’s not always glamorous but if you step out in faith he will come through for you. Last year when I did our taxes I was surprised to see that Tom made a couple thousand dollars shy of what WE made when WE were both working!! Are you kidding me!! God is SO faithful!

If you aren’t currently tithing I want to encourage you to start giving something consistently. Anything just do it consistently.

One thought on “God’s Provision…What It Looks Like For Us

  1. Amen! Amen! Amen! Ross’s (all of us) have definitely seen the blessing of the Lord through the practice of tithing. God is so good and faithful. Thanks for sharing.

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