30 Days Of Happy ~ Days 1&2

So I was catching up on a blog that I love late last night and she just finished up a “30 Days Of Happy” project. I’ve seen a bunch of things on FB and Instagram with the hashtag #100happydays but let’s be honest, I’m really bad at doing things daily so I’m going to stick with 30 days! I’m gonna just roll with life…post as I remember. That may be daily or it may be two or three days together. This project really is a reminder for me. Lately life has been a little extra stressful so I want to learn to find happiness in all situations and learn to create happy days for my kiddos. I hope my project will bring some joy to your life as well!

Day 1:
Yesterday Bry took a short nap so we ended up outside playing before Taylin got home from school. He spent a long time jumping over and over off our steps. The simple things of can bring so much joy to a child. We sipped on some smoothies and just enjoyed the sunshine! In the Northwest you have to take advantage of it when it’s around!
IMG_0190_edited-1IMG_0188_edited-1IMG_0185_edited-1Day 2:
Today after lunch Bry played in his room by himself! Seems like a normal thing but he hasn’t really learned how to play on his own yet. The mess on the floor was him dumping out toys…not really playing with them, but it captured his attention! The few minutes that he choose to be in his room were so precious to me. Trying to entertain all day or listening to whining when I don’t is very draining. After awhile I went and sat down on the floor, we played with his football and giggled together. This sweet boy went to bed so happy and giggly!
IMG_0242IMG_0253No matter what is happening in your life and in your world it is possible to find some joy in the day! Don’t forget to look for it!

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