Roatan: How The Trip Impacted Me

So I wrote most of this blog while I was sitting in the Houston airport on the way home from Roatan. I didn’t share it probably because it’s pretty vulnerable but then I realized my experience may help someone. If nothing else being open and honest helps promote changes in my heart.

1897654_10203559059523925_1686065921_n_edited-3Here is what I wrote on 3/8…

So I’m sitting in the airport writing this blog…I have spent the last week away from my family and my normal life serving others. This opportunity has been amazing and it has also allowed time for me to think about my day-to-day life. One thing I will say is when you go serve others that have so little you realize it’s completely possible to be happy with less. So often in life our happiness is based on how much we have. Selena has been a single mom for 12 years. She has worked her butt off to provide for her 11 kids and she was happy, laughing and ready to work hard. She has so little but you would never know based on how she carries herself.

Why do we as American’s have such high, unrealistic expectation for what our life should be? In the past few months I’ve had a hard time being at home with the kids (which is a luxury for most). I have felt stuck…so much sickness, not a lot of extra cash to go do fun things but I have lost sight of all the we have. We have a roof over our heads, we have food, more than enough clothes and so much more. After being gone for a week I’ve realized there are things I need to change. I’ve been tired, and haven’t been serving my family like I should. I need to learn to step back…enjoy the little things and be grateful for all that we have. My goal as a mom and wife is to try to care less about the details (which is VERY hard for me), laugh more and just enjoy the little moments. Sometimes you need to step outside of your normal bubble of life to realize all that you have and to reset your goals & expectations.

An unexpected thing I noticed  was that social interaction with adults is very important to me. I’ve been stuck in my bubble of kids, diapers and cleaning and I haven’t made hanging out with friends a priority. Often I make excuses not to make an effort but I need to make it more of priority. Having spent a week with adults, laughing, serving & interacting with each other I’ve seen my whole attitude lighten up…this is something that I want to stick.

This trip was so amazing but what I didn’t expect was all the reflecting
I want to laugh more.
Serve people more.
Chill out more.
And let go of the little things.
We. Are. Blessed & I can’t lose site of that!

Now back to my current thoughts…

As I’ve been home I have wondered why God puts a desire in your heart when you don’t know what to do with it?? I have always wanted to live overseas and be a missionary…maybe short term (like 6 months-1year) or maybe long-term but when you have a husband and family it has to be something you are both called to. How will God use me…use this desire? I don’t know but he knows my heart and he knows I’m open.
Sorry if this post was all over the place…at times it can be really hard to process what God does in our hearts. How he changes us. Often it’s something that get sort of unfold over time.

The trip was wonderful. I know I will go back. I just don’t know when.

Roatan Day 3&4

So yesterday I didn’t have a chance to blog. I was SO tired and went to bed! Yesterday was day one of the build. We had to put down the decking for the floor. The guys would snap it together and tack it down then Kelly and I came behind and added a bunch of extra nails to keep the floor down. We nailed like this for two or three hours which is why I was sitting!!

nailBy the end of the day we had the floor done, two walls up and most of the wood cut for the rest of the house.
IMG_9571_edited-1Today we got the other two walls up and all the interior walls framed. By the end of the day we were able to get a start on the interior wall paneling as well. It was a productive day and we are expecting to be finished with the house sometime on Thursday. The houses will be dedicated/presented to the families on Thursday evening!

IMG_9619So I just wanted to share about Selina. She is wonderful. She is 59 years old and a mother to 11 kids (8 girls/3 boys). Her husband was murdered 12 years ago so she is a single mom. Her oldest is 36 and her youngest is 15. She is so excited to be getting this house. She is a very hard working/loving lady. She has been so excited to pound nails with us. Yesterday she helped us put up the two walls up. Today she was bummed when we didn’t call her to help put up the 3rd wall! She wants to help and she wants to be involved. This afternoon before we left I asked if she has a broom. I told her that I wanted to sweep her house out when we are all done building it. She said, “don’t worry about it. I plan to sweep it out each night after you work. I go up there and enjoy the beautiful view”. I said, “are you so excited??!!?” and she just grinned from ear to ear. She is quiet but has such a sweet spirit! I have so enjoyed getting to know her and her family!

photo 2(1) IMG_9608_edited-1Salina working hard on her new house!

Her family has been coming & going and are all so eager to help. They have nothing but wonderful things to say about there mom!

A few more picts from the day

IMG_9593_edited-1This is Gabriana – she is couple months younger then Taylin. We have become buddies! IMG_9596_edited-1 Another ADORABLE little girl at our job site! IMG_9580_edited-1Kelly & Takeshi Working hard at the job today!

IMG_9605_edited-1 IMG_9615_edited-1 IMG_9617_edited-1  Our house as the end of the day! We made great progress!

Roatan Day 2

Today was a simple day. We attended rChurch then enjoyed a few hours of free time in the afternoon. In the evening we got to meet the families we are building for and have pizza with them. It was really great to meet them ahead of time and start building relationships now! I’m so excited to start the build tomorrow! Here are a few pictures from our day!

IMG_9553_edited-1IMG_9550_edited-1IMG_9540_edited-1There is a vender on the beach that walks around with these doughnuts. They were AMAZING!! If you ever get a chance to eat one, do it!  IMG_9570_edited-1

The beauty of the island is amazing…then you look around and there is extreme poverty. It can be hard to process at times. IMG_9555_edited-1Having pizza with the families. So fun to meet them now.

Tomorrow is day one of the build pray for safety and for all to go well!

Roatan Day 1

So I just wanted to post a quick update on our first day which was really just a travel day. Our flight was scheduled to leave Seattle at 5:55 but due to delays we didn’t leave until almost 6:45. This made things a little nerve-wracking for us knowing that we only have a 40 minute layover to catch our next flight in Houston.
photo 1

The beautiful sunrise on the airplane

I tried talking to a flight attendant about it and she was no help. My hope was that they would either hold the plane or it would be delayed or something. I was talking to my brother-in-law about what to do. He told me to “use my superpowers” so I prayed!!! I prayed that God would help us make our connection and I specifically prayed that our connecting gate would be moved closer.

We landed in Houston it was roughly 12:35-12:40 our connecting flight to Roatan was scheduled to leave at 12:52. We taxied into gate A16 and they announced that our connecting flight was moved to A17!! These are the little moments that so many miss. They are the moments of God saying, hey I’m here with you…STOP WORRYING!! The flight attendant asked people to remain seated if they didn’t have a connecting flight. Of course everyone decided to get off the plane. This struck me…we are always in such a rush. Little moments like this are way you can serve other people. So back to the story…by the time we made it on our plane it was 12:50!! We made our connecting flight with 2 minutes to spare! We got on the plane…then we sat for about 10 more minutes…they were loading up our luggage! And every single piece of luggage arrived in Roatan!

While on the plane I’ve been reading “Kisses From Katie”. It’s about an eighteen year old girl who moved to Uganda and has essentially adopted something like 13 kids! Anyways it’s totally my kind of book!

photo 2
photo 4

“And Even as I realize I cannot always meat or mend, I can enter in. This is Jesus. Not that he apologizes for the hard and hurt, but that He enters in. He comes with us to the hard places. And so I continue to enter.”

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a challenging book!

So we all made it to Roatan safe and sound. We ended our evening at Half Moon Bay enjoying a nice dinner together!










Today our plans are to head to church, hang out at the beach for a little while then have dinner with both the families we are building for. It’s going to be a good day!!