Packing For Roatan, Honduras

Today marks 3 weeks until my trip to Honduras which means I’m starting to prep for my trip. A lot of people are last-minute shoppers and planners but I am defiantly not! I’ve been creating a packing list as things have popped into my head so I thought I would share it with you. These are things that are helpful to me when traveling abroad, especially in developing nations.
Passport – Check the laws to the country you are traveling to. In Honduras if you don’t have at least 6 months left on your passport they won’t let you in (No exceptions!)
Money (small bills)
Journal (if that is your thing)
Bible (I will use the app on my phone – It’s one less thing to pack)
Camera/Batteries/SC Cards
iPad or Laptop
Chargers for all devices
Playing Cards/Skip-Bo
Plug adapter (if necessary)
Water Bottle
ZipLock Bags (Just a couple – you never know when you will need them)

FoodOn mission trips the food choices are often made for you so it’s nice to have a few snacks. I like to pack a few things that I know I enjoy because it makes the whole food thing a lot easier for me!

Via/instant coffee/Cream
Propel/Crystal Light – these are great for flavoring your water. I generally drink bottled water but depending on where you travel the water can taste really gross. These are a great way to change it up and mask any gross flavors the water might have.
Granola Bars/Trail Mix/Dried Fruit (things with substance are good in case your food options aren’t great. A good protein bar can replace lunch if necessary).
Candy 🙂 I like to bring a couple of treats! It’s nice to have a treat at the end of the day!

First AidI like to bring an assortment of basic supplies and basic medicines. It’s much easier to pack them with you instead of hunting them down when you need them.
Bandaids (large & small)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Benadryl Stick (see Link)
Antibiotics (in case you get sick with “island tummy” or something else yucky!). You can request these from your general dr.
Any of your own prescriptions
Baby Wipes – (great for “washing hands” on the job site)

Clothes/Toiletriesdepending on where you are going you may need to research what is culturally acceptable. I tend to say modestly won’t hurt anyone!

Light Jacket/Poncho (often even in warm place they can have crazy rain so having a light jacket or poncho can really come in handy).
Shirts – Ladies if you will be working pack regular T-shirts that come up high enough so you won’t have gaping when you bend over. Remember modesty is always better. I don’t think anyone has ever been offended by someone being too modest 😉
Skirts – I love maxi skirts!
Tank Tops – always best to keep them modest
Swim Suit
Swim Cover Up
Bandana/Hat – to protect your head from the sun
Flip Flops
Tennis Shoes
Work Clothes – Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!
Work Shoes – they may get muddy – something you can throw away at the end of the trip.
Work Gloves
Sunscreen – high SPF can be hard to find so bring a enough for the entire trip
Aloe Vera
Shaving Supplies
Hair products
Nail Polish – It can be really fun to paint the little girls nails depending on where you are traveling to!
Hair Dryer/Flat Iron
Bug Spray – high DEET percentage is good! The bugs can be crazy overseas!
Snorkel Gear – you can rent but I like to bring my own if I have room

I pack most of the items in my checked baggage but I like to pack a few things in my carry on in case my luggage gets lost. Luggage often gets lost in foreign countries so pack what you can’t live without in your carry on. I know this from experience…my bag was lost when I went to Hawaii and I never got it back. I was very grateful for the few things I had with me!

Prescription Meds
Swim Suit (finding a new one could be really hard depending on where you are headed)
One change of clothes
All technology (camera, laptop, iPad, etc.)

One last thing I wanted to share is this video from my last trip to Roatan in 2011. My amazing friend Brea From CYE Photography was on the trip and put this together. Check out her website for more of her amazing work!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I hope this list is helpful to others. I’m also posting it for myself so I can come back to it and use it to pack! Do you have any must have items when you travel?


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