God is Our Provider

This has been on my heart to share…The journey for me to be a stay at home mom has been a scary one. I loved my job at Premera, I had been there 6 years and had gotten a couple of promotions. Premera was a blessing to our family. Wonderful relationships were built there, they helped pay for my schooling and provided benefits for my family for roughly $100 per month. For me to quit my job would be a HUGE hit to our family. My pay was a little less then half of our income and the benefits provided equaled roughly $1,200 per month.

While I was pregnant with Bry we went back and fourth about me staying home or not. After researching the prices for two kids in daycare it seemed very apparent that it was pointless for me to work. Almost my entire paycheck would be going to daycare expenses. So the decision was made for me to stay home…this was scary because on paper Tom’s paycheck wouldn’t cover our bills. We would be short by about $200 per month. We decided to step out in faith that God would provide. I called our internet and cell phone providers to scale back our plans. If we were going to make this work we were going to use every penny wisely.

Over the last 8-10 months God has provided more then we ever could have imagined!

  • Prior to leaving Premera a coworker, that I barely knew, gave me 8 garbage bags of clothes for Bry – he is totally set for the first two years of life!
  • When I gave notice that I was quitting my job I was told I could finish out my entire maternity leave. This meant I could have inexpensive healthcare for my family for an additional 3 months!
  • Our friend gifted us the most beautiful newborn pictures of our son – Moments that can’t be recreated!
  • Taylin had grown out of most of her dresses and we didn’t have the finances to get her more…that week at church a friend came up to me with a bag of clothes which included 3 dresses that were exactly Tays size!
  • Tom and I have both been given opportunities to make extra $$ and God’s timing is always perfect!
  • I was able to get on Tom’s healthcare at work and the kids qualified for some really inexpensive health care!
  • A friend gave us 6 cans of free formula!
  • We had been hoping to buy Taylin two booster seats but had been putting it off…a friend from church posted on Facebook that they had two booster seats to get rid of! Today we picked them up and they are in great shape and EXACTLY what we needed!

I’m listing all these examples because I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to overlook the little things! God is our provider – in the last 7.5 months since Bry has been born we have never missed a bill. We have always had exactly what we needed and more.  Although on paper we don’t have enough we have continued to tithe 10% of our income because we know God is taking care of us. We are beyond blessed…if you have donated anything to our family thank you! Thank you for thinking of us!

Trust in God, be smart with what you have and he will BLOW YOU AWAY!! He has provide way more then I could have ever imagined and it’s been amazing to watch him provide!

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