Sweet Sleepy Boy

Bryson is finally become a pretty good sleeper! We are following the Baby Wise schedule for him which has completely changed his sleep habits. Before this schedule he was getting up 4 times a night within 4 days of switching to the Baby Wise schedule he was down to getting up once a night!! Seriously AMAZING!! Currently he sleeps from 8:00PM-4:30AM or 5:00AM eats, then goes back to sleep until 8:00AM. I totally recommend the book (I only read the chapter about sleep schedules because I hate to read!). Here is a link.

Today while he was napping I decided to take a couple pictures of him sleeping…I could watch him sleep for hour…creepy?? Maybe but I just love how peaceful he looks!

I don’t want to forget the memories of him peacefully sleeping…

And then I accidentally woke him up…oops…to many camera clicks!!

Poor baby…I kept taking pictures because I even want to remember this sad face!

I love him so much..he is really aware of the world around him right now. He ADORES his sister and loves to smile at anyone that will talk to him. He has a such a sweet personality I can’t wait to see what kind of little boy he turns into!

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