Career vs. Calling…

Right now for book club we are reading The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns. He is the president of World Vision and the books is about how we went from being a highly paid CEO to being the president of World Vision.

The Hole in Our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us? The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World [Book]

There is a part in the book where he talks about your career vs. your calling. Growing up in America makes it is easy to think what am I going to do with my life…meaning my career…but we need to be aware of what God is calling us to do. Often we get so caught up in our career that we aren’t even paying attention to what God is calling us to do. A few quotes from the book really stood out to me and challenged me.

“Are we willing to take the outrageous risk and do the unpredictable thing?”

“A career becomes the altar on which they sacrifice their lives”

“A career is something I choose for myself, a calling is something I receive from God”

“A career is something I do for myself,  a calling is something I do for God”
“A career often promises status, money or power, but a calling generally promises difficulty, and even some suffering, and the opportunity to be used by God”

I’m not saying we should all drop what we are doing and run away from our careers but this part of the book really made me think twice about what God is calling me to do and what God is calling Tom and I to do. Are you listening to God and really seeking what he wants you to do with your life? It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day life and be completely ignoring what God is asking us to do.

I’m a huge fan of missons…short term and long term…this book has really opened my eyes and challenged me. I’m not done with it yet but would highly recommend it…just be prepared to be challenged!

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