29 Weeks…Almost 30…The End Is In Sight!

So last Friday I hit 29 weeks…I can’t believe how close I’m getting to the end of this pregnancy! Things have been super busy with work so it’s making the weeks go by really fast!

I had the pleasure of going to Siemens Healthcare and getting a 3D ultrasound for free last week. It was fun to see that he is doing well and is a healthy baby. The U/S tech said he is measuring 1-2 weeks ahead of where he should be. He was almost a pound bigger then the average baby his age. She also told me that he has a “really big head”…um does she realize what she is saying to me?? I don’t think so, she just kept saying it over and over again! I mean I’m glad that he will have a lot of room for his brain but I don’t want his head to be too big!! Now I’m a bit worried! She said his head alone is in the 85th percentile!

Here is one of the amazing pictures from the U/S scan:

I can tell he has the same button nose as Taylin!

I also just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my sweet girl. I realized that I’ve been so busy and I haven’t taken any pictures of her lately so after she got ready for bed I snapped a couple of pictures.

She thought it was a lot of fun and I can’t believe how big she is getting!

This week I had 5…yes 5 friends have babies…I’m so excited for all of them but it’s making me really excited to meet our sweet boy!! He is going to be here before we know it and I can’t wait!

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