24 Hours in Portland!

So a few weeks ago we heard that Sherry and John from Young House Love were going to be at the Portland Home Show. I absolutely love and adore their blog, I read it every single morning. When I heard they were going to be in Portland my friend Lisa and I decided we were going to drive down and go to the home show.

We left here at 6:30 on Tuesday night and 3 1/2 hours later we were in Portland!! Lisa’s amazing friend Amy let us crash at her house for the night. The next morning we got up and went to Fabric Depot – this place was huge and had so much fabric – it was a little overwhelming!! They had some amazing home decor fabrics

I bought some flannel to make some burp rags for Bryson and the chevron print is for a pillow and a few other accents for Bryson’s room. The camo was by special request from my husband…he really wanted camp burp rags for his son!

When we were done at Fabric Depot we went to Mother’s Bistro & Bar in Portland for lunch and I had biscuits and gravy…it was so so yummy!! I highly recommend trying it out it if you’re in the Portland area!

Next up we were off to the home show! We had heard that Sherry and John were teaching an invite only blog seminar while they were here but we had not gotten the official invite 😦 When we got to the home show the first thing we did was ask where they were. The woman at the info booth said they were just starting their seminar and if there was room we were welcome to go listen!

Photo courtesy of the Portland Home Show

I was so excited…seriously they have an amazingly successful blog so to get to hear them speak about blogging was amazing. Following the seminar they did a meet and greet and with the everyone that attended!

Photo courtesy of the Portland Home Show

Photo courtesy of the Portland Home Show

It was a lot of fun meeting them and hearing them speak about blogging! I learned a lot of tips and tricks about blogging!

I was so weird when you read someone’s blog every day for 2 or 3 years and then actually see them in person!

Next up we headed to HomeGoods and scoped things out – I didn’t get anything but it was fun to finally go to the store I’ve heard so much about! I’m so glad I took a random day off work…we had so much fun in Portland even if it was only a 24 hour trip!

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