A New Lou

Last weekend we made a run to Home Depot to buy a new faucet for our bathroom sink. It had been leaking into the sink for a few months even when it was turned off…super annoying. So off to Home Depot we went…little did we know we would be doing a mini bathroom remodel…that weekend!!

I’ve been wanting to redo our bathroom for a while but never felt it was really necessary – everything in their functioned just fine but it just wasn’t my style. When we walked into HD the vanity and mirror set were right there (great product placement HD!!) Tom said, “wow that looks really nice” and I agreed I mentioned that it seemed like a really good deal ($299 for the vanity and mirror). Since we had just gotten our tax return Tom said let’s go price out what everything would cost and see if we can do this project for under $500.

We price everything out and it came to about $550 with tax for a new vanity, mirror, faucet, flooring and baseboards…not to bad especially since the vanity was exactly what I’ve been wanting!! So we decided to go for it!

Let’s jump into the before pictures!

The flooring in the bathroom went up the walls instead of having baseboard. Apparently this is really good in case of a water leak but personally I thought it was really ugly!

After Tom ripped out the flooring and the vanity he found that the vanity had been recessed down lower than the rest of the sub floor so he had to cut some plywood to make the floor level. It’s amazing how when you start pulling things apart in an old house you end up finding weird things previous owners have done!

And now for my favorite part…the after pictures!!

The new flooring with baseboard – no flooring going up the side of the wall 🙂

The new flooring that we installed! Way more updated and I love it!

A few things you may have noticed:

  • We kept the same paint color – I still love this color and we had extra paint in shed so we were able to patch the wall and touch up the paint where we needed to.
  • We didn’t replace the toilet – we purchased our house from some friends and knew that the toilet is only a few years old so we didn’t need to replace it. Also it’s a really nice Toto toilet! Score – one more way to save money on the bathroom!
  • We didn’t do anything in the tub area – the tub has very simple white 4×4 tiles that are in great shape – we felt there was no reason to replace them.

Overall we couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. I feel like the simple vanity, mirror and flooring change really updated the bathroom.

I have to give a special thanks to my husband who worked his butt off! He is a total rock star and I’m so glad he took on this project!!

5 thoughts on “A New Lou

    1. Jennifer – this is our only bathroom so I made it clear to my husband if we were going to tear it apart it had to be put back together pretty quickly!

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