25 Weeks…Yep I’m Pregnant!

So I wanted to post a quick pregnancy update! My last update was at 21 weeks and I feel like my belly has grown quite a bit in the last few weeks! To me it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant but I still get people saying “Oh, your pregnant, I can’t even tell”. Um…I think it’s pretty obvious that there is a baby in there and that I’m not just getting fat!! LOL!!

At my last appointment I had gained a couple more pounds for a total of 8 pounds so far! I can’t complain about that!!

At my next appointment I’ll be having my test for gestational diabetes – I’m hoping that all comes back normal.  They will also be following up on my thyroid to make sure it’s still functioning ok.

I’m definitely not experience morning sickness anymore but I am having a hard time sleeping so that is really frustrating!

The last couple weeks have been great we have made awesome progress on the babies room and we are also in the middle of a bathroom remodel (more to come on that later)!!

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