Trust…It’s Not Always Easy

I just had a few thoughts on my mind and wanted to share them…

God has been working on my heart – teaching me to trust him in multiple areas, things that seem impossible and things that I have no control over…this week was no exception.

At church on Sunday we were talking about tithing and trusting God with our finances and I was challenged in a way I wasn’t expecting. Tom and I have been faithful to tithe each month but I was still challenged. I’m the one that pays the bills each month and it’s always been just another bill I’ve paid. This week I was challenged to pay our tithe first. Give God our “first fruits” and do it with a thankful heart. We have been blessed in both our jobs and have always been able to pay it so I didn’t see it as a problem to pay it last. The thing is our situation could change at any moment and we need to always be thankful and bringing him our money first.

So as the one who pays the bills I made the decision that it would be the first bill I pay. That afternoon God blessed us with the PERFECT chair for the baby’s nursery…some may see it a coincidence but I don’t. I’ve been looking for an upholstered glider for our nursery on Craigslist for the last couple months. I couldn’t even find the right color and if I did find one they were always super overpriced. Well this one was about 10 minutes from my house, the EXACT color i wanted and only $50!! I almost died! I feel like it was just a little reminder from God that he knows our desires…even the small ones that seem unimportant.

The next day I got the mail and we were hit with 3 unexpected medical bills, Tom mentioned that the car had been making really weird sounds and needed to go into the shop and our monthly PUD bill went up by $60 per month…needless to say I was feeling a little discouraged…but I had made the decision tithe first and then we will trust God for the rest! Well today the mechanic told us the car would need a minimum of $600 in repairs plus we need to do the brake pads and rotors!! Not the best report (although it could be worse) we told them to go ahead and take care of the problems. Well within an hour Tom called me to tell me all the OT he had been working was almost the EXACT amount we would be paying to have the car fixed…he got paid today and we will be able to cover the cost of the car repair without even dipping into our savings!

I just had to share because it’s not always easy to trust but since I’ve made a decision 3 days ago I’ve already seen God’s hand in our finances! We are truly blesses and couldn’t do it without him!

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