Rustic Paint Stick Light

I’ve been plugging away at all the little projects to make Bryson’s room come together. Today I’m going to share the light I made for his room out of paint sticks. I saw this idea in Pinterest and knew it would work perfect in his room!

While we were at Home Depot picking everything up for the bathroom remodel I asked the paint counter if they sold bulk paint sticks. They told me no, but I could help myself to free paint sticks. I proceeded to explain that I wanted about 50 paint sticks for a project…I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy but they were happy to give me all those paint sticks.

Next up I needed a lamp shade to use as the form for my paint sticks – I ran to Goodwill and found one that was the right size but was ugly camouflage! I put two quick coats of spray paint on so that it would blend in better (I forgot to take picts of this part of the process…fail!!)


  • Lamp Shade
  • 40-50 paint sticks – depending on your lamp shade size…you’ll just have to estimate
  • Stain – I used Minawax Jacobean
  • Tons of hot glue

I stained one paint stick to see if I the color was what I wanted. I started my first paint stick on the seam of the shade to make sure it was covered up.Then just keep gluing them all on. This probably took me 15-20 minutes.

The finished shade – now it was time to stain it.

Make sure you do the staining outside…it has a really strong smell. I just painted it on and the wiped it off with a rag.

Here is the finished product!! It turned our really well and was a super cheap project. It probably cost me about $6-$8. We did have to buy a kit to hang the light, which my husband wired in. That was an additional $15 but you may not need that if you are just making a lamp shade or if you can modify the current light to fit the new shade.

24 Hours in Portland!

So a few weeks ago we heard that Sherry and John from Young House Love were going to be at the Portland Home Show. I absolutely love and adore their blog, I read it every single morning. When I heard they were going to be in Portland my friend Lisa and I decided we were going to drive down and go to the home show.

We left here at 6:30 on Tuesday night and 3 1/2 hours later we were in Portland!! Lisa’s amazing friend Amy let us crash at her house for the night. The next morning we got up and went to Fabric Depot – this place was huge and had so much fabric – it was a little overwhelming!! They had some amazing home decor fabrics

I bought some flannel to make some burp rags for Bryson and the chevron print is for a pillow and a few other accents for Bryson’s room. The camo was by special request from my husband…he really wanted camp burp rags for his son!

When we were done at Fabric Depot we went to Mother’s Bistro & Bar in Portland for lunch and I had biscuits and gravy…it was so so yummy!! I highly recommend trying it out it if you’re in the Portland area!

Next up we were off to the home show! We had heard that Sherry and John were teaching an invite only blog seminar while they were here but we had not gotten the official invite ūüė¶ When we got to the home show the first thing we did was ask where they were. The woman at the info booth said they were just starting their seminar and if there was room we were welcome to go listen!

Photo courtesy of the Portland Home Show

I was so excited…seriously they have an amazingly successful blog so to get to hear them speak about blogging was amazing. Following the seminar they did a meet and greet and with the everyone that attended!

Photo courtesy of the Portland Home Show

Photo courtesy of the Portland Home Show

It was a lot of fun meeting them and hearing them speak about blogging! I learned a lot of tips and tricks about blogging!

I was so weird when you read someone’s blog every day for 2 or 3 years and then actually see them in person!

Next up we headed to HomeGoods and scoped things out – I didn’t get anything but it was fun to finally go to the store I’ve heard so much about! I’m so glad I took a random day off work…we had so much fun in Portland even if it was only a 24 hour trip!

A New Lou

Last weekend we made a run to Home Depot to buy a new faucet for our bathroom sink. It had been leaking into the sink for a few months even when it was turned off…super annoying. So off to Home Depot we went…little did we know we would be doing a mini bathroom remodel…that weekend!!

I’ve been wanting to redo our bathroom for a while but never felt it was really necessary – everything in their functioned just fine but it just wasn’t my style. When we walked into HD the vanity and mirror set were right there (great product placement HD!!) Tom said, “wow that looks really nice” and I agreed I mentioned that it seemed like a really good deal ($299 for the vanity and mirror). Since we had just gotten our tax return Tom said let’s go price out what everything would cost and see if we can do this project for under $500.

We price everything out and it came to about $550 with tax for a new vanity, mirror, faucet, flooring and baseboards…not to bad especially since the vanity was exactly what I’ve been wanting!! So we decided to go for it!

Let’s jump into the before pictures!

The flooring in the bathroom went up the walls instead of having baseboard. Apparently this is really good in case of a water leak but personally I thought it was really ugly!

After Tom ripped out the flooring and the vanity he found that the vanity had been recessed down lower than the rest of the sub floor so he had to cut some plywood to make the floor level. It’s amazing how when you start pulling things apart in an old house you end up finding weird things previous owners have done!

And now for my favorite part…the after pictures!!

The new flooring with baseboard – no flooring going up the side of the wall ūüôā

The new flooring that we installed! Way more updated and I love it!

A few things you may have noticed:

  • We kept the same paint color – I still love this color and we had extra paint in shed so we were able to patch the wall and touch up the paint where we needed to.
  • We didn’t replace the toilet – we purchased our house from some friends and knew that the toilet is only a few years old so we didn’t need to replace it. Also it’s a really nice Toto toilet! Score – one more way to save money on the bathroom!
  • We didn’t do anything in the tub area – the tub has very simple white 4×4 tiles that are in great shape – we felt there was no reason to replace them.

Overall we couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. I feel like the simple vanity, mirror and flooring change really updated the bathroom.

I have to give a special thanks to my husband who worked his butt off! He is a total rock star and I’m so glad he took on this project!!

Nursery Art – DIY Photo Canvas

I’ve been trying to come up with something to put on one of the walls in Bryson’s nursery and as I was cleaning out some excess home decor I came across two canvas paintings I use to have hanging in my living room. I almost gave them to Goodwill and then it hit me…I could turn them into a photo canvas!

So the other day I edited a couple of pictures I had taken while we were in Colorado for Christmas. Once I was done editing them I had them printed off at Costco (8.99 a piece). I spray painted the outer rim of the canvas black, then cut the picture to fit the canvas and mounted it with Mod Podge.

I’d say they turned out pretty well and you could do the same thing with a canvas from Michael’s and a family picture or a favorite picture of your kids.

Not to bad for $18.00!!!


25 Weeks…Yep I’m Pregnant!

So I wanted to post a quick pregnancy update! My last update was at 21 weeks and I feel like my belly has grown quite a bit in the last few weeks! To me it’s pretty obvious that I’m pregnant but I still get people saying “Oh, your pregnant, I can’t even tell”. Um…I think it’s pretty obvious that there is a baby in there and that I’m not just getting fat!! LOL!!

At my last appointment I had gained a couple more pounds for a total of 8 pounds so far! I can’t complain about that!!

At my next appointment I’ll be having my test for gestational diabetes – I’m hoping that all comes back normal.¬† They will also be following up on my thyroid to make sure it’s still functioning ok.

I’m definitely not experience morning sickness anymore but I am having a hard time sleeping so that is really frustrating!

The last couple weeks have been great we have made awesome progress on the babies room and we are also in the middle of a bathroom remodel (more to come on that later)!!

Faux Sheepskin Rug {Tutorial}

So I really wanted a faux sheepskin rug for Bryson’s room but when I started looking around for them they were pretty expensive or really small. Ikea has a couple real sheepskin rugs for pretty inexpensive but they aren’t very big.

My friend told me about the Fabric Depot website. She had ordered Mongolian Fur from them and she said it was really soft and a nice quality. I ordered 1 1/4 yards from them. It was on sale plus I found a coupon code I could use for 20% off!! I spent a total of $37.25 for a decent sized piece of fur.

I knew once I got it I wanted to cut the piece into an animal shape but it took me a couple of weeks to actually do it! I was so nervous that I would ruin it!
Here is what it looked like when I received the fabric

The first thing I did was draw the shape I wanted with a sharpie

After I cut out the rug I used Fray Check around the edges to help stop it from fraying.

After letting the Fray Check dry for about 20 minutes I flipped the rug over and here is my finished product!!

I must say that I love how it turned out and it’s fun to think I made it myself!

Trust…It’s Not Always Easy

I just had a few thoughts on my mind and wanted to share them…

God has been working on my heart – teaching me to trust him in multiple areas, things that seem impossible and things that I have no control over…this week was no exception.

At church on¬†Sunday¬†we were talking about tithing and trusting God with our finances and I was challenged in a way I wasn’t expecting. Tom and I have been faithful to tithe each month but I was still challenged. I’m the one that pays the bills each month and it’s always been just another bill I’ve paid. This week I was challenged to pay our tithe first. Give God our “first fruits” and do it with a thankful heart. We have been blessed in both our jobs and have always been able to pay it so I didn’t see it as a problem to pay it last.¬†The thing is¬†our situation¬†could change at any moment and we need to always be thankful and bringing him our money first.

So as the one who pays the bills I made the decision that it would be the first bill I pay. That afternoon God blessed us with the PERFECT chair for the baby’s nursery…some may see it a coincidence but I don’t. I’ve been looking for an upholstered glider for our nursery on Craigslist for the last couple months. I couldn’t¬†even find the right color and if I did¬†find one they¬†were always super overpriced. Well this one was about 10 minutes from my house, the EXACT color i wanted and only $50!! I almost died! I feel like it was just a little reminder from God that he knows our desires…even the small ones that seem unimportant.

The next day I got the mail and we were hit with 3 unexpected medical bills, Tom mentioned that the car had been making really weird sounds and needed to go into the shop and our monthly PUD¬†bill went up by $60 per month…needless to say I was feeling a little discouraged…but I had made the decision tithe first and then we will trust God for the rest! Well today the mechanic told us the car would need a minimum of $600 in repairs plus we need to do the brake pads and rotors!! Not the best report (although it could be worse) we told them to go ahead and take care of the¬†problems. Well within an hour Tom called me to tell me all the OT he had been working was almost the EXACT amount we would be paying to have the car fixed…he got paid today and we will be able to cover the cost of the car repair without even dipping into our savings!

I just had to share because¬†it’s not always easy to trust but since I’ve made a decision 3 days ago I’ve already seen God’s hand in our finances! We are truly blesses and couldn’t do it without him!