It’s a Boy…19 Week Update

On the 28th we had our anatomy scan and found out the baby is boy!! Everyone is super excited to welcome a boy into our family! The most important thing is that everything on the scan looked great and he is developing just as he should be! They said he currently weights 9 ounces and was measuring 19 weeks 1 day. I was 18 weeks 5 days at my ultrasound so he is right on track!

He was moving around a lot during the U/S so it took her awhile to get all the pictures she needed. At the end Taylin and my mom were allowed to come in and see the U/S as well. She is very excited to have a little brother!!

His name will be Bryson Thomas Ross – we loved the name Bryson and Thomas is my husband and his grandfather’s name.

On another note I think most of my morning sickness is gone. Smells are still bothering me but I can function without my Zofran so that is great news!! On the downside I have started having nightly headaches that start around 5pm each night. Prayers for them to go away would be appreciated!

I can’t wait to start the nursery – I’ve already found the room inspiration on Pinterest! I’ll post more on that later!

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