It’s a Boy…19 Week Update

On the 28th we had our anatomy scan and found out the baby is boy!! Everyone is super excited to welcome a boy into our family! The most important thing is that everything on the scan looked great and he is developing just as he should be! They said he currently weights 9 ounces and was measuring 19 weeks 1 day. I was 18 weeks 5 days at my ultrasound so he is right on track!

He was moving around a lot during the U/S so it took her awhile to get all the pictures she needed. At the end Taylin and my mom were allowed to come in and see the U/S as well. She is very excited to have a little brother!!

His name will be Bryson Thomas Ross – we loved the name Bryson and Thomas is my husband and his grandfather’s name.

On another note I think most of my morning sickness is gone. Smells are still bothering me but I can function without my Zofran so that is great news!! On the downside I have started having nightly headaches that start around 5pm each night. Prayers for them to go away would be appreciated!

I can’t wait to start the nursery – I’ve already found the room inspiration on Pinterest! I’ll post more on that later!

Christmas At The Lodge

I’m sitting here in Jefferson, CO reflecting on our amazing Christmas and family vacation we have had. Vacations are few and far between and this was the first family vacation we have taken with Taylin. We were blessed to have such amazing hosts for our trip. My aunt is the most amazing cook and my uncle is one of the most generous and funny people I know!

It has been so fun watching Taylin experience so many new and amazing things. She had so many questions about the airplane, traveling and The Lodge. Every night we were here she prayed for all the normal people (Judah, Jossy, Kai, Noah, and Emmi Girl – her cousins) but it was so precious to see her pray for her “new family”. She is such a sweetheart and has been so great even with less naps than normal, she still had a great attitude most of the time.

A few of my favorite pictures from our trip:

I can’t believe that this our trip is almost over. This will be a Christmas full of great memories of laughing, yummy food and great people! I’m so grateful we were able to have this trip and enjoy some quality time with my aunt, uncle and cousins!

Pregnancy Weeks 5-16

I decided that this time I was pregnant I wanted to track more of what happened each week, how I was feeling and what I was eating. In the future I plan to add in more pictures but I just haven’t really been up to it! Here is what I have tracked so far.

5 Weeks – September 22nd we find out I’m pregnant!! We couldn’t be happier!  You are due on May 26th!

6 Weeks – I start feeling REALLY sick – Your dad is great taking care of all the cooking and cleaning around the house

Food of the week: Anything I could keep down!! Doughnuts!

9 Weeks – I heard the heartbeat for the first time – 153 BPM its strong and I couldn’t be happier!! The Dr told me that I have lost 6 pounds so I need to try to eat more and eat enough protein so you can grown big and strong!

10 Weeks – I had an ultrasound to check on my ovaries – I got to see you wiggling around in my tummy! You are so precious, I already love you so much – your HB was 165! We are so blessed to have you in my life even though you are making me really sick!! We told the world about you (FB) and everyone was so excited! They all know how long we have been waiting for you to arrive and are so anxious to meet you!

Food of the week: Instant Breakfast drinks for extra protein, fruit, Spinach and Cheese Raviolis from Costco – so Yummy!

11 – 14 Weeks:  I’m still feeling sick…but have stopped losing weight and have gained a few pounds back that I had lost.

15 Weeks:  Your dad was gone on a business trip to NC and I had to hold down the fort with Taylin! It’s really hard to get up early, get Taylin ready and get out the door by 7:15 each day! The highlight of the week was having a good dr. appointment and getting to hear your heartbeat! She changed my due date to May 25th, 2012 since that is what my U/S indicated. I can’t wait to know if you are a boy or a girl!!

Our next appointment is December 28th – that is when we will get to know if you are a boy or a girl!!

Food of the week: Satsuma’s and poppy-seed muffins!

16 Weeks: I’m still not feeling well but have started to feel you move – especially at night! I forgot how awesome it is to feel the baby movement! I’m hoping to start feeling better soon but have started to believe that I might be sick the whole 9 months! I’m so grateful that my Zofran prescription! It helps me get through the days!  Your dad is a little sick of doing dishes and cooking – the smell of the old food and the smell of the fridge is hard for me to handle!!  I’m grateful for his willing attitude! I try to help with dishes and cooking on my good days.

More to come as the baby grows!