Gratefulness in Every Circumstance

Today was a crazy day! I had a REALLY busy day at work and then got off early so I could go get my blood drawn. When I got to the lab I had to wait almost half an hour for my turn. The tech tried two times but couldn’t get my vein (a common problem for me). He looked at me and told me I had to come back tomorrow. I almost cired…I was thinking does he know how hard it is to be a working mom!! I got of early to do this!! With a 3-year-old in tow!! I know he tried his hardest he was apologizing profusely

As soon as we left my daughter started throwing a massive fit in the parking lot because she didn’t want to go home. I called the other lab near by to see if they could try. The sweet woman on the phone with a Russian accent told me she could try if I made in before they closed…in 20 minutes. I told her I would do my best but didn’t know if I would make it. It all depended on traffic. She said she would stay late for me if necessary. I made it to the lab with 10 minutes to spare, she was able to draw my blood on the first try and even gave my daughter a sticker for begin so patient.

I was reminded by a friend that someone likely had a worse day then I did today. Here are a few things I’m grateful for inspite of my crazy day

I’m grateful for the sweet Russian woman at the U District Labcorp
For access to healthcare
For health insurance to pay my bill
For a Burger King drive through that provides us dinner 🙂
For a sweet, healthy, strong-willed daughter (just like me)

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 – Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus

Yep I Got That on Craigslist…

We have gotten a TON of our furniture and awesome things for our house for free or super cheap on Craigslist. People are always asking me how we have gotten such great things so I decided to put together a few tips I have learned along the way!

Patience, patience, patience!! If you want a good deal you have to be willing to wait. Sometimes you will find exactly what you want right away – example my husband and I had been talking about getting my daughter a sandbox and he was ready to settle for getting a kiddie pool and filling it with sand. I was not a fan of that idea, I really wanted something that would still look nice in our back yard. I hopped on CL and found this bad boy during my first search for a sandbox!

It took a little work to get it to fit into our truck but turned out great in the end. Tay loves it and the top goes up and down to keep the cats out!

Check CL often. I check it at least once a day and more, like 2-3 times per day if I’m looking for something specific.

Search for free items in other categories. Often people post free items in other categories. Try searching “free” in the furniture section and you will likely find some items.

Don’t give up when people don’t email you back! A lot of people on CL are flaky and never respond or don’t delete a post after the items are gone. I try hard to never get attached to something until it’s in my hands. If you don’t hear back move and don’t give up because persistence pays off!

Don’t go by yourself to pick up item and meet in a public place when possible. Remember to be safe. I never do CL pickups without my husband – often he goes with a friend or by himself.

A few items I scored on CL (Click image to enlarge)

Another way to score great furniture/items for your house is let your family and friends know that you want to know if they are getting rid of anything! We have gotten a free couch, dining table (with a leaf and 6 chairs), an end table, my amazing buffet (see below), a twin bed, and pressure washer. If you can be patient you will find what you want hopefully at a great price!

Keep searching CL – it will pay off!! Happy Hunting!


We are currently enjoying a family vacation at my grandparents in eastern WA which gives me a lot of time to think. Sometimes I wonder why does God allow us to go through certain things in our life…why do we have to go through periods of pain…I’m sure we learn and these are the things that help us grow and shape us into the people God planned us to be. But that still doesn’t mean these times are fun.

I found this on Pinterest and liked the variation on “God does not give us more than we can handle”

In spite of tough times I know we have so much to be grateful for

My family
My beautiful daughter
My amazing friends and church family
Our great house
Two stable job’s

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and I don’t have to understand that. At times it can be hard but in the mean time I”m going to cherish the good times and be grateful for all we have been blessed with.