Furnace Closet Makeover

Over the weekend I tackled our furnace closet. Ever since we moved in (TWO YEARS AGO!!) I knew this closet could be used as a great space to store cleaning supplies. But for the last two years it’s really just been a dumping ground for our vacuum and a few odds and ends.

I didn’t have to spend very much to make it all come together and I’m glad I put in the time to finish this project!


  • Paint – Free (already had on hand)
  • Towel Bar – $8 Big Lots
  • Coat rack – $12 Big Lots
  • Yarn – Free
  • Plastic Tubs – $2 Dollar Tree

= $20

I put 2 coats of paint on the walls with paint we had left over from when we moved in. Then I had my husband mount everything on the wall.

Then we installed the coat rack, towel bar and plastic tubs. I tied yarn to the Swiffer and broom to hang them.

Here is the before picture – a dumping ground for random stuff!

I was storing all my cleaning supplies in our pantry. It worked but I’m excited to have some extra space in my pantry!

As I was prepping the walls for paint I found this taped to the wall…instructions on how to service the furnace from 1980…when it was originally installed…the furnace is 5 years older then I am!! Here it is now…I love it! It’s super functional and organized. My husband was great hanging everything for me. Even a few hours later my husband said, “I really like that closet” that says a lot!!

Do you have some wasted space around your house that you could utilize for practical storage space?

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