Kum Ba Yah My Lord….Kum Ba Yah {Printable}

Last weekend we went camping with some really great friends. This is our second annual Ross/Arceo camping trip. We went to Alta Lake State Park for the first time and absolutely LOVED it!! The weather was beautiful, the park was clean, the sites were great, and the lake was warm! They have  great little beach area for the kids to play and even have some swings. We had a blast and wished we could have stayed for a couple more days!

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Ever year that I go camping I say that I’m going to make a camping checklist so this year I did it and thought I’d share it with you!


Click the link below for a printable PDF Camping Checklist!
Camping List 2011

So tell me, what are your favorite things to take camping – something that might be out of the ordinary??

2 thoughts on “Kum Ba Yah My Lord….Kum Ba Yah {Printable}

    1. For some reason this comment just showed up for me! I’m glad you found the camping list to be helpful! I always feel like I’m forgetting something so having a list is super helpful!

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