We are currently enjoying a family vacation at my grandparents in eastern WA which gives me a lot of time to think. Sometimes I wonder why does God allow us to go through certain things in our life…why do we have to go through periods of pain…I’m sure we learn and these are the things that help us grow and shape us into the people God planned us to be. But that still doesn’t mean these times are fun.

I found this on Pinterest and liked the variation on “God does not give us more than we can handle”

In spite of tough times I know we have so much to be grateful for

My family
My beautiful daughter
My amazing friends and church family
Our great house
Two stable job’s

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and I don’t have to understand that. At times it can be hard but in the mean time I”m going to cherish the good times and be grateful for all we have been blessed with.

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