Taylin’s Special Day

I am a full time working mama and often I feel like I’m missing out on quality time with Taylin. The weekends are always so packed with cleaning, laundry, parties, and church so I decided that I wanted to take a day off and do some fun stuff with my girl. Today was the day and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Tay had a great attitude – which is huge right now – the sun was shining – also a big deal in the Pacific NW!!

We started off our day with breakfast with my two sister in laws and my two nieces. The girls had fun and it was great to spend some time with my sister in laws.

Then Tay and I met up with my mom to get pedicures. Tay loves to have her nails painted but had never been to nail salon before so I thought she would have fun (and so would I!!)

She was very interested in what was going on

She was totally chillin- waiting for her polish to dry
Taylin and my mom

My girl and I enjoying our Pedicures

Then we went to the pool and swam with some of our friends

Tay so excited to go swimming!

This was the best day with my sweet girl. I can’t believe she is going to be three on Thursday! I’m so blessed to be her mama and hope to have more fun times like this in the future!

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