A Hotish Summer Weekend

This weekend was a super fun weekend…not a whole lot going on and just enjoyed some quality family time. Yesterday we went and looked at tent trailers and dreamed for someday when we will get one for our family! Taylin thought they were so fun to look at and demanded that she be the first one in EVERY single one of them!! We did some yard work , enjoyed a family dinner at PF Changs, feed the ducks (which is a misdemeanor  BTW!!!) and had fun playing at a new little park we just found in our neighborhood.

Tonight Tom was helping with youth group at church so Tay and I had a nice low key night. We starting things off with a nice bike ride on our street

Then she played in the sprinkler – which really meant she tried to drink the water!!

We topped the night off with a bowl of ice cream with sprinkle and an episode of Thomas the Train…I love the 1:1 time I get with Tay and am very grateful for a “hotish” summer weekend in Seattle. It’s nice to have a break from the rain and spend some quality time with the family.

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