Jumpin On The Bed!

Tonight while I was cooking dinner Tay started walking down the hall and said, “Mom, I’m going to play in your room.” I said, “What are you going to to do in my room??” and in a very matter of fact voice she said “jump on your bed”

So she jumped

And jumped

Then the dog joined her…and I kicked her (the dog) off!!

What a hard life my two-year old lives sometimes…I love watching the little things in life that bring her so much joy!!

Then she decided to pretend she was asleep but I think she was tired from all the jumping…

she is such a sweetie and bring so much joy to our house!


2 thoughts on “Jumpin On The Bed!

    1. We were planning to go get our nails done last weekend while Tom was camping but with all the car issues that happened I just ended up painting them myself. She loves to have her nails done. Her toes match and they even have a flower on them!

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