Our Back Patio

Like I showed in the previous post our back needed a lot of work and we were up for the challenge! We pulled all the old pavers up and cleaned them, then we “leveled” the area. I use the term very loosely because we could have done a much better job!!

BeforeAnother before

We had to get lots of sand

Tom hauled the sand from the truck to the patio area

I had the fun job of scraping moss off the old patio pavers.

For a little while it looked like this

We had a patio but no furniture

Last spring I graduated from college. My mom tried for a long time to get tickets to the Oprah show but when she wasn’t able to get tickets she asked what I wanted. I decided patio furniture was what I wanted. I wanted a gift that my husband could enjoy as well. I never would have finished school if it wasn’t for him so I wanted it to be something we could both enjoy. My mom gave us an “allowance” to pick out what we wanted. We decided to go with a simple set from Wal-Mart so we could get a fire pit and umbrella as well.

Here is what our patio looks like now

We have a beautiful Lilac tree right off the patio that smells so wonderful this time of the year but it’s in the worst place possible!

Our back patio isn’t perfect but it’s very relaxing and a great way to enjoy the back yard. We are so blessed with this house and we truly enjoy all the work that goes into it!

4 thoughts on “Our Back Patio

  1. The patio looks amazing. We will hope and pray for lots of sunshine and warm weather this summer so you can use it every single day.

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